How to Clean your Motorcycle in 4 Easy Steps

Cleaning your Motorcycle

Cleaning your motorcycle can be a personal affair. Some quality time for you and your beast to connect at an intimate level. There are many ways to skin a cat and cleaning your bike is not different. In this post I’ll take you through the way i tend to do it, hopefully offering some worth while advice along the way.

When should i clean my bike?

When it’s dirty… There’s no hard and fast rule for regularity of cleaning, unless you’re riding in the winter months. I tend to use the chain and rims as indicators, looking for built up dirt or grime for when she needs some TLC.

It’s true that winter hates motorcycles, it’s the salt on the roads you need to worry about. During winter try to wash the bike every weekend at a minimum. In the summer you can be a bit more frugal with your washing intervals, just make sure you keep the chain oiled up and check those tires for punctures.

How should i clean my bike?

Google will give you 100 different ways, but here’s mine.

Step 1: Clean that chain – I always clean the chain before I touch the rest of the bike, mainly to stop spray from getting on the bike I’ve just spent the past hour cleaning!

I use Muc Off Chain Cleaner – My go to, and not just because it’s a steal at the price, but also because it does an amazing job of removing stubborn dirt and oil. Spray it on the chain, scrub with a toothbrush, and mop off excess with paper towel. Don’t forget the back of the chain, you can get fancy double sided brushes to help with this.

I put a bit of cardboard under the bike to catch the oil that drips off.

Step 2: Then start the cleaning process by wetting the bike, just to prepare it for whats about to happen.

Step 3: Muc Off Bike Cleaner – This stuff is great, it comes in a handy spray bottle and you can purchase refills. Once the bike is sufficiently soaked, I give it a good spray over with Muc Off Bike Cleaner. This starts to soften up the dirt ready for you to wipe away your worries. Make sure you get it everywhere, under the tail, along the swing arms, in every nook and cranny.

Step 4: Once you’ve left the Muc Off for 5 minutes or so, it’s time to clean it off. You have two options here depending on equipment and time.

Option 1 – Grab a sponge and give the bike a scrub, making sure to keep the sponge rinsed, so as not to scratch the paint work with the existing dirt.
Once satisfied, hose down the bike to remove suds. Grab a microfiber cloth and wipe away excess moisture, bringing the bike to a nice polished clean.

Option 2 – Ready your jet wash! Many bikers dislike the use of Jet washers for bikes, as it can damage bearings (middle of each wheel), radiators or electronics if not used sensibly. But as I’m not your mother I’ll refrain from lecturing. Just don’t have the jet wash on a too direct of a spray, the dirt will be softened up so should come off without too much aggravation.

Once satisfied, Grab a microfiber cloth and wipe away excess moisture, bringing the bike to a nice polished shine. At this point you may want to go the step further and wax your motorcycle – if so, check out this post for more info: Best Motorcycle Wax

And that’s it, you have a clean bike. Now go out and make it dirty!

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