My Reliable GoPro Hero 3 – 1080p HD reviewed

I’ve had my GoPro Hero 3 since 2014 when I ordered it and passed it of to my wife as being a family purchase. To be fair I do use it with my son too on his bike/ skateboard but mainly on the motorbike taking videos for safety/ insurance reasons… and time-lapses to then pick a good shot for Instagram!

Their is no doubt that this is great action camera and the leading brand! Since buying mine I have used it swimming, cycling, motorcycling, skateboarding, golfing, family shots, time lapses and tried to take cool quirky photos!
It has definitely been well used and I think it is potentially time to upgrade to the Hero 5!

GoPro Hero 3 Notable Stats:

* Full HD 1080p video at 30fps
* 760p at 60fps for slow mo
* Waterproof case
* Built in Wifi
* Wifi remote enabled
* BacPac LCD ready


The design of the GoPro Hero 3 is probably where it falls down. If you are attaching this to your helmet it is very clunky. If you attach to the side of your motorcycle helmet your will notice the drag at speeds. To be fair though it’s durable, easy to attach to pretty much anything and it works all the time. The case buttons also work better than the Hero 2. I would definitely recommend getting the remote rather than trying to check if the LED is flashing in your bike mirror… when you’ve turned it off!
The good thing about the GoPro is that if you don’t like the case you change it, if you want a mic – you buy one, if you want to put a CPL lens on it – you can, if you want to stick it anywhere – you buy the accessory which allows you to!


In regards to the features or should I say the camera modes you have:

Video – 1080p at 30fps or 760p at 60fps are the main 2 you will use.

Photo – obviously same settings as above and some others which don’t get used.

Photo Burst – In Photo Burst mode the camera takes multiple photos in short time intervals— 3 photos/1 second, 5 photos/1 second, 10 photos/1 second, 10 photos/2 sec- onds, 30 photos/1 second, 30 photos/2 seconds or 30 photos/3 seconds.
To capture a Photo Burst series, verify the camera is in Photo mode

Time Lapse – Time lapse mode captures a series of photos at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 second intervals. When using the 0.5 seconds setting, an SD card with a Speed Class 10 Rating is required.

Other good settings you can apply include, looping video, camera orientation, Spot Meter, simultaneous video and photo, pro tune and white Balance.

The Issues

Its not so much issues with this camera but more like little niggles. Things the shape is more like that of a camera rather than aerodynamic like the Drift cameras for example.
If you don’t have the remote it is bloody annoying trying to push the button to record when you’re riding with it on your helmet. The wifi connection is sometimes slow and crashes but only when dealing with big files. When I had one battery I was forever charging the thing and it was never ready to in time for a ride, I’ve now bought 3 so always one charged!
That’s about it really….oh and that I’m forever buying different accessories to get different pictures.


All in all this is a great camera and has never stopped working for me… apart from when the battery is flat.
GoPro make a great action camera and this one is no exception I appreciate it is a few years old now but I still get some great shots.
If I had the choice again I would pick the Hero 3 and if I was to buy one tomorrow I’d buy the Hero 5. Done.

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