Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Best Summer Motorcycle Glove

It’s the only thing between you and the tarmac should things go south, so it’s probably a good idea to find one that works best for you. With heated grips the same pair of gloves can be worn all year round, as long as you don’t mind numb fingers from time to time, but it’s always nice to have a ‘cooler’ summer option. In this post, I’ll take you through a few summer motorcycle gloves and how they stack up against each other.


Furygan TD21 Gloves

The Furgan TD21’s are a great choice offering protection whilst still keeping your hands cool on those hot summer afternoons, as you blast through the twisties.

The gloves are made of goat leather with multiple layers on prone areas such as palm and cuff. The leather itself is perforated to allow for that all so important airflow, no more sweaty palms, at least while making steady progress.

Comfort comes fairly high on Furygans priority list with the TD21’s, ‘comfort reinforcements’ have been added on top of the palm and inside the thumb. Even more comfort can be found between each finger where a specific textile insert has been added to take comfort to the next level. If being comfortable is you bag, the Furygan TD21 Summer Motorcycle Gloves are all over it, all that seems to be missing is a massage feature.

It’s also worth noting that the TD21’s have ‘Motion Lab’ approval, which is Furygans R&D center, where they boast to have state-of-the art equipment, comparing it to that of official certification laboratories… snazzy. Using their secret lab, they are able to stamp their prodcts with CE safety standards and certifications in house, which is the first and only manufacturer to do this, so if you’re a stickler for the rules, these may be the gloves for you.

At a fairly reasonable price, the Furygan TD21 Glove has a lot to offer summer riders, with comfort and protection in equal measures, they would be a worthwhile addition.

Amazon – Furygan TD21 Motorcycle Gloves – $71.49


Alpinestars GPX Gloves

Track tested with an advanced knuckle protection system, the Alpinestar GPX Glove focuses on abrasion resistance while increasing rider comfort and reducing material fatigue.

The summer glove option from Alpinestar twins the benefits of a summer motorcycle glove with the safety of a racing glove. Design features like their short cuff with an extended and padded cuff to cover the outer wrist, leaves you safe in the knowledge that the vulnerable parts of your hand a wrist are offered protection. Along with Alpinestars ‘track-tested dual-density polymer knuckle protection’ which also houses the oh so needed ventilation, their patented third and fourth finger bridge indicate that this glove is bred not just for the road, but also for the track, smart.

To prevent hand and fatigue the GPX include leather reinforced finger seams for ‘superior fit and pre-contoured finger construction’, which is a fancy way of saying they are manufactured in  the shape of your finger, a bit like using the mold.

To offer extra grip and comfort, the GPX also include suede palm reinforcements, another nice bit of ‘glove love’ for the avid track-dayers out there.

The Alpinestar GPX summer motorcycle glove is aimed at bikers for the road and track. There is a slightly heftier price tag, but this can be justified with the addition of enough ‘track tech’ to keep the apex hunters out there satisfied, but also a great choice for someone who’s after a race glove for the road.

Amazon – Alpinestars GPX Motorcycle Gloves – $129.95


Dainese 4 Stroke EVO Gloves

The sleek looking Dainese 4 Stroke EVO Gloves are designed with ergonomics and performance in mind, aimed at demanding riding on track and on the road.

The tech packed 4 Strike EVO Gloves boast stainless steel and TPR inserts on the knuckles and backs. The steel plates are stuck on as two separate pieces, which gives much more flexibility. The short cuff and perforation around the inner side of the fingers gives them their summer vibe, whilst protective features such as DPC (Distortion Control Protection), helping keep the pinky finger from rolling under during a slide, demonstrates the protective qualities.

Similar to the Alpinestars GPX Gloves, the Dainese 4 Stroke Evo Gloves have their own version of  ‘pre-contoured finger construction’, but have given it the more palatable name of ‘Pre-curved fingers’. With their dual stitched design and goat leather reinforced palm it’s obvious that these gloves are a match made in heaven for those who are into their aggressive riding.

Dainese have taken influence straight from the race track, including some of the same features you’ll find in MotoGP. The ‘Micro-injected reinforcements on the palm’ reduce fatigue on the hand whilst allowing more feel from the bike, and has an added bonus of reducing blistering. The glove is made of one single leather panel, with sliders added to the outside edge of the palm for extra slide protection.

These gloves have a boat load to offer without breaking the bank (too much). A great choice for summer motorcycle gloves on or off the track.

Amazon – Dainese 4 stroke EVO Motorcycle Gloves – $219.95


Looking good has never been easier. Keep those hands cool in the hotter months with any of these tech stuffed glove marvels.

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