Top security products and tips to keep your motorcycle!

Motorcycle Security is the biggest issue affecting the social riding community! Well saying that also the race industry, with BMW Motorrad having their race bikes stolen from the back of their van at a Premier Inn in Birmingham after the NEC Motorcycle Show.

There are a lot of products out there that can help you keep your bike secure but also do not be fooled that it will be 100% theft proof.

Majority of bike thieves prey on are sports bikes and popular naked’s which they then strip down and sell for parts because of HPI and trackers create problems to sell them on as motorcycles.
Super-sports are also the most crashed bikes and parts are always in demand for repairs.

You would have seen the videos going around on Social Media of thief’s or should I say scum of the Earth completely smashing a steering lock and then having a another scummy individual push him by a high powered moped which is also stolen.
Well surprisingly this is not the most common method in the UK. A motorcycle being lifted into the back of a van is quick and it is then put immediately out of sight. They can also do this with 2 scaffold poles one under the front forks and one through back 4 people you get the idea! 20 seconds and gone! I’d still say that if they do that and you have a tracker they are fucked! Why put a 180mph sports bike into a 85mph van which can easily be caught and stopped….?

So what should you do?

Location – the most common place for motorcycle thieves to steal bikes from is underground gated parking for flats/ apartments. So if you are parking there make sure you a anchor with at least x2 16mm chains and lockable cover at a minimum! Next thing is if you are parking your bike in the same place everyday in open sight eventually a thief will see it, so try to move your parking locations if possible or find/ rent/ borrow secure parking.

Steering Locks – make sure you put it on! They may be able to break it easily but that time might save your bike!

Chains/ Anchors – if you are chaining your bike at home make sure you have an ground anchor and the chain goes through your frame/ forks not a wheel as they can be easily removed especially the front. I chain mine through the wheel and the frame then to the ground! All bases covered. Additionally make sure your chain is tight and not loose on the ground as it’s prone to freezing and then being hit by a sledge hammer.
If you are out and about I encourage you to chain your bike to a fixed object some bays in London now have anchors but this is not common sadly. If this is not possible chain through the wheel and the frame. Make sure you have a hardened chain with square links to be more durable against bolt cutter attacks.

Padlocks – not that it’s a common case but you can get hard to pick locks in Abloy and Squire. You really want something that can hide the shackle making it hard to get any grip with bolt cutters and often you can’t see it enough to get the cutters too it. It tends to be the chain which is the weak link though ; )

Disc Locks – lots of people buy disc locks as they are easy to carry and simple security. The problem is people buy shit ones and then apply one of them to the front wheel. If you only have one please apply it to the back wheel it’s harder to remove back wheel but also harder to get at the disc lock to get it off. There are some good ones out there which also have alarms on too which will deter thieves.

Trackers – if you can afford one then get one as there are good ones out there that notify you as soon as your bike moves/ falls over etc. The only thing is it doesn’t stop thieves from stealing your bike it just lets you monitor where it go’s before the pro thief removes it! Additionally when you get it back your bike will still be damaged (ignition, steering lock, crash damage etc).

So what’s good on the market and what is the best solution for you?

Disc Locks

Abus Granit Detecto X-Plus – £132 – £163


13 mm steel bolt which is hardened steel along with the lock body and supporting elements of the locking mechanism. The alarm function on basis of the ABUS 3D detection system that means, that every movement is detected by it. Alarm produces at least 100 dB for 15 seconds and then will activate automatically again. Lock can be transported in locked condition without activating the detection system thanks to automatic brake disc recognition system. It has multi colour LED and different acoustic signals inform you about the battery, activation and alarm status.

ABUS X Plus cylinder has the highest protection against manipulations, e.g. picking and is also supplied with two keys, one LED lighted and ABUS Code Card for additional or replacement keys. Also included in the price are two AAA standard batteries for the alarm function, which you’d hope for the price!

One to give a thief an hour of fun!

Xena XX14 – £69 – £85

The stainless-steel disc-lock:-
High nickel-content stainless-steel mono-block construction offers a broad fit profile. 14mm double-locking, carbide-reinforced hardened-steel locking pin designed to resist freeze-spray, pick and wedge attacks. High-security key & barrel make the XX14 the best portable security for your motorcycle.

The shock & motion sensor-triggered alarm built in:-
Shock & motion sensors trigger a piercing 120dB anti-theft alarm powered by a single CR2 long-life Lithium battery. Self-arming, with no on-off switch, re-sets to armed mode within 15 seconds. One year battery life. The alarm module slips out for easy servicing/battery changes.

Oxford Boss disc lock, RRP: £64.99

Gold Series Security – Oxford Boss Alarm Tough and solid, this new Oxford Boss Alarm features a 14mm cut-resistant Boron steel shackle, a high pitched alarm siren over 100db – can be heard over 500 metres, a resin filled alarm module combats moisture and vibration. Also features the latest semi-elliptical key technology. Free reminder cable, carry pouch and batteries included. Also available is a 6 pack of batteries. Bargain!!

Abus Detecto RS2 7000

Good protection at low theft risk Recommended for securing light motorbikes and scooters 3x 5 mm square steel bolt The bolt; lock body as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel Alarm function on basis of a vibration detection system that means; that every impact attack is detected Alarm of at least 110 dB Lock can be transported in locked condition without activated detection system thanks to a manual activation button; integrated into the Snap-n-Go mechanism An LED and different acoustic signals inform about battery; activation and alarm status One hand operation due to the patented Snap-n-Go system – lock closes and activates automatically when pressed on the brake disc ABUS Extra Classe cylinder with encoded reversible key Two keys are supplied with the lock Two AAA standard batteries for the alarm function are included A Memory Cable as reminder to prevent an unintended ride off with the bike still locked is included Protective bag included for easy and secure transportation in a special compartment e.g. under the seat

Xena XX15  -£62 – £83

Xena alarmed disc-lock, a powerful anti-theft alarm encased in a seriously strong lock. Complete with double-locking 14 millimeter carbide reinforced locking pin and pick-proof, ice-spray proof key-barrel. Auto-arming, shock or motion-sensitive 120db alarm powered by a single, long-life cr2 lithium battery for high-performance in all weather conditions.

Chains/ Anchors / Padlocks

Almax Immobiliser Series IV Uber £84.95 – £184.95

If you have not visited Almax’s website and watched the video of them destroying all their competitors chains with bolt cutters within seconds with only one lasting to 64 seconds. Then the video of them trying to destroy theirs for 5 minutes with no success, I recommend you do. With that viewed I can’t possibly recommend a better chain than this one.

Worlds toughest security chain designed for static overnight security, where weight is not a consideration. The only 19mm quadruple tempered security chain! Case hardened (not through hardened). Latest EPO plating process offering superior corrosion resistance when compared to traditional Zinc plating.

  • Carbon manganese alloy steel enhanced with boron.
  • Thatcham Approved.
  • Impervious to hand bolt cropper attacks!
  • Hacksaws useless!

Oxford Docking Station – Ground/ Wall Anchor – £100

What I like about this anchor is it gives you the option to wall mount or ground mount the chain with the wall mount being the preference as it keeps the chain off the ground meaning it is less prone to hammer attacks.

The Oxford Docking Station combines the rigidity and safety of a anchor with the flexibility of a chain. Thatcham approved and uses the latest high security smi-elliptical key technology and is made entirely from forged hardened steel. All fittings and instructions are included – the 4 high security raw bolts, 4 anti tamper ball bearings and 4 steel plugs create an unassailable ground anchor!


Either of the below 2 padlocks will do you a solid for you your chains as mentioned previously it tends to be the chain which is more the weak link…but either of these 2 padlocks will give you confidence.

Squire SS65CS Stronghold £39 – £60

The 65mm range of Stronghold padlocks are tested to the highest CEN grades 5 and 6. Designed for use in maximum risk situations and in harsh environments these padlocks offer the very best in security.

Abloy PL363 Padlock – £138

Abloy PL362 new generation padlocks offer the very highest security , combined with the best build quality available. Each lock is supplied with 2 keys and key registration card (required for additional keys). Additional keys can be ordered with locks, or later by quoting your unique key code from the included key registration card.


If you bike is getting stolen and they have managed to get through the Almax chain and remove your Abus disc lock then they know what they are doing and most likely your tracker is going to be found and removed instantly. I’d go for chain and lock over anything else but if I had spare cash coming out my ears the below tracker would be the one for me.

Oxford Tracker Spy – £219.99

  • Strong built-in magnet
  • Portable GPS tracking system
  • No wiring to your vehicle
  • No installation costs
  • Lithium battery with up to 10 year life expectancy or up to 14,000 tracked positions
  • Totally waterproof
  • Tough construction and sealed for life
  • Low annual subscription cost (from £3 per month)
  • Product available in most countries around the world
  • Mobile app available


Look security is expensive but so is forking out the excess on your insurance or paying for repairs on your stolen bike. Any thing extra you can do to deter thieves from taking a second look at your bike is a bonus. If you’re willing to pay a bit extra there are some excellent products I have listed above which will definitely give your bike a fighting chance!


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