Motorcycle Helmet Camera Review – Drift HD Ghost-S

Drift and GoPro are arguably the two biggest players in the world of action cameras. In this post I’ll be reviewing the Drift HD Ghost-S.

I’ve had this camera for 2 years now, and use it everyday for my 60 mile round trip commute. Overall I like the Drift, and it has some very cool features which I will go through, sadly It hasn’t been a faultless 2 years with a couple of strange issues occurring just from normal use.

Drift HD Ghost Notable Stats:

  • Full HD 1080p Video at 60 fps
  • 12-Megapixel Photos
  • Drift DataLink Wi-Fi Enabled & Drift App
  • 2″ LCD Screen with Gorilla Glass
  • 300 degree Rotatable Lens


The Drift is designed to fit with whatever you stick it to. It’s aerodynamic shape fits nicely on the side of my motorcycle helmet, never feeling intrusive and looks pretty cool (if you ask me).

You can rotate the lens so that however you place the camera, the footage is always the right way up. A little arrow indicates where ‘up’ is, and you twist the lens making sure it’s pointing to the sky. Twisting the lens is actually a pleasant experience, as strange as it is to say, you can feel the quality and attention to detail that went into the camera.

The removable backplate allows you to choose between the water proof and water resistant plate. The water resistant plate includes access for your USB and charging cables, which can be plugged with rubber inserts to keep water spray out. I’ve commuted all winter with this backplate and not had one issue.
If waterproofing is your bag the other plate is plain, containing no access for cables. Changing the cover is easily done by un screwing the back using the universal clip (can also be done by hand) and screwing the new plate on. With this cover the Drift is waterproof up to 3m and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes. For any long term water use they do recommend you buy the waterproof case.

Along with the camera you also get a remote control. The remote includes two buttons which you can velcro around your arm or wrist (or handlebars in my case). The buttons are easy to use with gloves on, and coloured lights on the edges of the remote visually display what the camera is doing, and which of the 4 modes it’s in.


By far my most used feature is the ability to record in the past. With this feature you are able to have the camera on, but not recording. If you see something you wanted to record you can press a button on the remote, and the camera will record the past, current and next minute. This means i don’t have to leave it recording and filling up my memory card with footage I don’t really care about.

The fact that the Drift is waterproof (to an extent) without requiring any additional case makes is very versatile.

Due to the way the memory card is formatted FAT32, there is a 4gb limit on file size. Thankfully the drift handles this seamlessly. Once the limit has been reached, it saves the footage as one file and continues filming on another, with an audible beep to let you know when it happens. Once these two files are spliced together in post edit, there is no visible or audible ‘cut’, brilliant!

The Issues

With all the praise, there are a few quirks and frustrations I’ve experienced.

  • The buttons sometimes don’t register presses. I’m often not sure if I just need to press harder, or if the camera isn’t registering.
  • I have received the ‘Low speed card’ error which resulted in the camera freezing and not responding to button presses. The only way to restart it was to remove and replace the battery.
  • The camera has randomly crashed a few times whilst recording. Luckily I was able to keep the footage on all occasions, but there was no indication that it had turned off.


Overall, the quirks can be forgiven. I’ve filmed hundreds of hours so far, and not to quote Christmas, but the Drift hasn’t shown any sign of stopping.

The features are unique in comparison to other brands in the action camera field. I also Personally think it’s the best looking camera out of the bunch!

View the Drift HD Ghost-S on Amazon[/CBC]View the Drift HD Ghost-S on Amazon

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