Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review – SHOEI GT Air

SHOEI didn’t name the GT Air by accident, the full face motorcycle helmet was developed in the SHOEI state of the art wind tunnel. The focus on comfort is clear (and welcomed) the helmet wants you to think about your ride rather than your discomfort.


It tries (and succeeds) at being an all rounder. A jack of all trades, master of comfort. It looks cool to begin with, perhaps not the pure race beauty of the AGV Pista, but definitely holds it’s own.

With aerodynamics and an easy to use, ventilation system, the GT Air is a commuters dream. I only have one helmet and this is it, It does everything I need it to – whether commuting on a cold winter morning or out for a jolly with my mates, it’s never a source of annoyance.

I must admit I don’t really use the flip down sun visor, mainly due to using a tinted visor whenever i possibly can. But there have been situations where it’s come in handy especially in spring/autumn, when you know it’s going to be dark before you get home, so you clip on the clear visor.


You have 3 different vents, one on the chin, front of head and back of head. All of them can be opened/closed using shutters. These are chunky, and easy to operate with gloves on. The strategic placement of the vents means you can feel the air flowing through your hair.

It’s worth noting, this helmet prefers the visor to be closed. If you’re hot the vents are enough to cool you down, there hasn’t been a situation where i was too hot with the vents open. Cracking the visor even just a little bit causes air to create a high pitched whine as it rushes past which can be annoying.

Fogging has never been an issue, just make sure you throw a pinlock on your visor.


With ample padding the helmet fits nicely. I did find i had to buy a smaller size than usual which was fairly tight to begin with, once broken in it fits more comfortably. The padding can also be removed for when you want to wash it or thread some cables for mics and other peripherals through.

The fabric does rub a bit one longer journeys, I’m often left with a red mark on my forehead when I take my helmet off, it does fade after a few minutes and isn’t sore.


The helmet comes with an ’emergency quick release’ system, which you can see by the red chords along the bottom. These allow for quick removal of the chin pads without having to mess with the chin strap.

As you would expect, it comes with SHOEI’s protective Matrix Aim Shell consisting of ‘fibreglass with organic fiber and resin’.


I’m happy to recommend this helmet to anyone who’s looking for an all rounder. If you do a wide range of riding on your bike the SHOEI GT Air full faced motorcycle helmet is up to the challenge.

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