Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review – AGV K3-SV

AGV KS-SV Motorcycle Helmet – $199.95

This is my third AGV Full Face Motorcycle Helmet I’ve owned since passing my motorcycle test 9 years ago. I had two Valentino Rossi replica lids, one of which I sold (il Laureato 2005 Mugello) and the Rossi 5 Continents – his lid of choice for 2008, sadly this had a disagreement with some asphalt. So you could say I like them, and I do as they fit my elongated head well and I’m a Rossi fan!

So what’s so good with the new AGV K3 SV Aerial I’ve purchased? It’s a lightweight helmet with aggressive looks and a reasonable price for what you get.

What do you get? It comes with fully removable and washable inner liners which if you are a sweaty individual is a must! It also comes pinlock ready with the included! Back of the net!!

Additionally this lid is much better ventilated due to the 4 front intakes and two rear extractors allowing the air to flow through the helmet. You also get the funny sun visor which pops down, I don’t often use it (as I live in Britain) but comes in handy from time to time.

Another positive is that it’s super easy to switch visors. If you are like me and need to change from your tinted to clear when it gets dark ‘clip clip, clip clip’ and you’re done!

So what’s not so good… It’s important to remember this is at the lower end of the AGV range.
First point, there is a plastic rim at the bottom of the helmet and it scratches easily if you put it down on rough surfaces, I’ve found out the hard way! Keep it on a cushion at home (‘La Royal Helmet Cushion’) and on your seat when out.

Second point, if you’re planning to wear this helmet for more than 5 hours continuously in a single day then don’t buy it.

You can get comfier helmets in Arai, Shark and Shoei for touring if you are going to be in it for long periods of time.

All in all the AGV K3-SV is a good motorcycle helmet and for the price, you can’t really fault it too much. If you like a smart lid with a few trick bits, this is the route to go. Plus add the AGV Silver Anti Scratch tinted or mirrored visor and a set of  to it like I have and it looks Schweet!!!
Throttle Juice Rating – 3/5

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